Modelling, Simulation and Testing of automotive perception sensors

Sim4CAMSens is a CCAV funded project working on methods to quantify and simulate camera, radar and lidar sensor performance under all conditions.

Presenting Winter Testing Campaign Findings at AutoSens USA 2024

Claytex is set to participate and present at AutoSens USA 2024, the premier gathering for ADAS and AV specialists driving innovation in vehicle perception.

Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex and lead partner of the Sim4CAMSens Project, will deliver a presentation on the group’s findings from their Winter Testing Campaign.

Presentation: Investigating the performance of perception sensors in winter conditions

Date: Thursday, May 23rd

Time: 11:50am

Location: Room 142C

Understanding sensor performance in diverse weather conditions, including snow, is critical in autonomous vehicle development. Join us as we reveal our research findings on how snow affects perception sensors such as cameras, radar, lidar, and thermal imaging. This research is a cornerstone of the Sim4CAMSens project, which has secured a £2 million grant to advance perception sensor modelling, simulation, and testing.

Discover more about the event on the AutoSens USA 2024 Agenda.

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