Modelling, Simulation and Testing of automotive perception sensors

Sim4CAMSens is a CCAV funded project working on methods to quantify and simulate camera, radar and lidar sensor performance under all conditions.

Syselek attended and presented on behalf of the Sim4CAMSens consortium at the EUCAD

The EUCAD Symposium 2024 was the third face-to-face symposium of European Connected and Automated Driving research, organised by the CCAM Partnership and FAME initiative, taking place at the Royal Dublin Society Concert Hall, in Dublin, Ireland, on 18-19 April.

The symposium attracted attendees from around the world, including contributions on developments from US, Europe, and Japan.

Alan Walker from Syselek shared details of the Sim4CAMSens project as one of 23 CCAM projects spotlighted in the symposium. Other participants from UK promoting Sim4CAMSens included project partner WMG, represented by Professor Mehrdad Dianati, and Innovate UK, represented by Richard Morris.

Key interactive sessions in the symposium covered:

  • Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) for modernised road network with seamless connectivity, provoking debate about the 5G enabled services and related benefits while considering staggered rollout of supporting infrastructure,
  • Frameworks for CCAM testing, evaluation, and data sharing, which the authors are keen to be adopted during Field Operational Trials and are under consideration for “deployment” projects in UK,
  • Remote CCAM monitoring and management, which encompasses several potential roles even excluding remote driving, such as monitoring, dispatch, tactical assistance, and passenger management.

The EUCAD Symposium followed on from the TRA 2024 Conference, running from 15-18 April, where Alan Walker also presented on Syselek’s CAV Catalogue and work on applications in the road freight sector.

Image: PDI session provoked lively debate with representatives from BMW, Trafikverket (Sweden Road Authority), CEDR, RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority), European Commission, 5GAA, VW, ERTICO – ITS Europe

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